Hi Wonderful Students, Parents, Family, and Friends:

I have a dream for Interlake’s theater students.

Let’s take them to Edinburgh, Scotland in 2021 to participate in the largest fringe theater festival in the world! The Festival Fringe roars into Scotland for three weeks every August to showcase the talents of performers from around the globe — actors, singers, buskers, jugglers, improvisers, and more.  It’s an incredible opportunity for students to get an immersive arts and cultural education.

Each year a handful of talented high school programs are invited to participate.  Other schools from our area have already attended or are making plans to go to this prestigious event. Bellevue High School’s Drama Department will be performing in the festival this summer (2017).

Check out our Volunteer page for ways to get involved or email us with your own suggestions and interests.

It’s a big, but worthy goal. With your support I know we can make it happen!


Thank you,

David Richards


Interlake High School