Theatre and Film Courses at Interlake High School

Technical Theatre: Students will concentrate on the major areas of theatre technology including, production, design, construction, and performance. Students will learn how to design sets, scenery, lights, sound, and learn about the responsibilities and roles for Stage Manager, Production Manager and House Manager.  CTE credit or Fine Arts or College credit.

IB Film:  Student will use methods of analyzing and critically viewing several films from a variety of genres, time periods, and countries. They will study topics such as plot and sequencing, acting and character, scriptwriting, setting and props, camera work, sound and light, and other practical and technical skills of production.  They will present their analyses of film segments, research and write a rationale for a documentary, and finally produce an original short film. Fine Arts credit.

Theatre Production: During class, students rehearse and stage a formal production for evening performances.  Students may be required to provide their own costumes, hand props, and make-up, with assistance from the Theatre Department.  Auditions are generally a year in advance for the spring production.

Theatre Workshop:  The class will cover basic stage clocking, notation and stage movement.  Improvisation rules, skills and structures.  Monologues and scenes.  Scene work including notation, blocking, character study and ensemble. Stage Combat including hand-to-hand, sword and dagger.  The development of an idea to stage.  Also, acting from the camera.

Acting Workshop: This course focuses on improvisational training for audience performances.  Students will develop a monologue for a professional audition.  They will also prepare a two-person scene. Recommended after Theatre Workshop.

For more information about Interlake Theater classes or productions, please contact the instructor, Mr. Dave Richards.